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Guild Charter

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Viral Rage Code

  • We seek individuals that are group-oriented, helpful and respectful to guild-mates and other players.
  • Exploits and gold buying is not tolerated. You are expected to abide by SOE policies.
  • Spread the virus!      Meaning: recruit new players
  • If you are inactive for over a month without notifying the guild leader of your absence, you will be removed from the guild.
  • Don’t be a stranger. Say hi when you log on, say bye when you log off.
  • Be a part of the team! If it seems you aren’t being included, let an officer know you feel that way and we’ll do our best to fix it.

Officer Code

  • Maintain the guild standards at all times.
  • Be helpful! If someone needs help, drop what you’re doing if it can wait. We can’t keep good folks by letting them fend for themselves in the world.
  • Report violations of the charter.
  • Be a role model.

 PVP Rules

  • All guild PVP groups should have one designated group leader.
  • nobody should run from a fight unless the group leader decides the group should run or you are the last man standing. If you run from a PVP fight, while everyone else is fighting – you will be banned from guild PVP groups for 1 month.
  • We should strive to have the following consumable items on each person for PVP (applies to current locking level 15):
    • Power totems
    • Health totems
    • Power potions
    • Health potions
    • Pumice stones (when they are available to us)
  • Individuals should always have a proper supply of consumables for themselves, i.e. food, ammo, potions and poisons.
  • When moving during PVP, we should maintain close proximity to each other. We should not run faster than the slowest man in the guild.
  • When zoning or taking a griffin, we should count down to go so that everyone arrives at the destination the same time.
  • Do not stay in the same spot for too long.
  • Do not AFK where you made the last kill.
  • Do not grief or zerg.
  • We should not kill someone on our recent list unless they become a threat. This includes if they are killing other guildies in our guild in the same zone.
  • Someone should always be assigned the Main Assist role. You should always attack what they are attacking.
  • Attack in the following order: Clothies (warlocks are priority), Healers, other DPS and finally, Tanks. There may be case where we have to burn down the Tank, but let’s try to kill in the order that I have described.

Bank Rules

  • Vault 1 is for consumables (poisons, potions, food and ammo).
  • Vault 2 is for recipe books and mastercrafted/treasured/legendary gear that you want to give to other guild mates.
  • Vault 3 is for transmutables, treasured adornments and cloak cost donations.
  • Vault 4 if for masters, legendary and fabled adornments and fabled gear.
  • Only take from the guild bank what you need! Never sell guild bank items for your own profit unless you have been given permission.
  • Money may be borrowed from the guild bank.

 Rank Structure

  • Leader of a Bunch of Raging Freaks
  • Rage Zombie Captain
    • Bank 1, 2, 3 and 4 Access
    • Selected by Leader of a Bunch of Raging Freaks and approved by other officers
  • Rage Zombie Lieutenant
    • Bank 1, 2 and 3 Access
    • Selected by Leader of a Bunch of Raging Freaks and approved by other officers
  • Senior Rage Zombie
    • Bank 1, 2 and 3 Access
    • Has been in guild for 6 months
    • Conforms to current lock level
  • Rage Zombie
    • Bank 1, 2 and 3 Access
    • Has been in guild for 2 months
    • Conforms to current lock level
  • Junior Rage Zombie
    • Bank 1 and 2 Access
    • Has been in guild for 1 month or does not conform to current lock level
  • Infected (Initiate)
    • Bank 1 Access
    • No Status Privileges
    • Has been in guild for 2 weeks
  • Wannabe (Recruit)
    • No Bank Access
    • No Status Privileges

Welcome to Viral Rage!

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Welcome to the home of the EQ2 Nagafen guild, Viral Rage! Viral Rage is a PvP guild, that loves making Freeportians cry, currently capped at adventuring level 17 in order to keep everyone within grouping range of eachother. Want to do a lot of PVPing? Join us on the EQ2 Nagafen Server!